The Academic Challenge event is a high school competition that was created and conducted annually by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Engineering WYSE Outreach Program for about 40 years. Although the operation of the competition has been discontinued by UIUC, Eastern Illinois University will be continuing to run the competition with the assistance of many other institutions throughout Illinois and Missouri.  Stay tuned for further information.

Check out Mr. Miller's site for more information.


Valerie Combs
 Carson Cook
 Emma Eberhart
 Calvin Endres
 Daci Finke
 Noah Frederking
 Paige Greten
 Claire Greten
 Sarah Hentges
 Keeley Hug
 Kade Kasban
 Jill Kuhl
 Hope Liszewski
 Chloe Maschhoff
 Paityn Matecki
 Brady Meyer
 Lauren Rapp
 Collin Rolf
 Ethan San Juan
 Brady Stein
 Jaylin Stofferahn
 Reese Varel
 Cameron Warnick
 Lexi Welte
 Garrett Willamson
 Emma Willamson
 Thomas Wojtowicz
 Harrison Zgonina