Blue Banner

  The Blue Banner is a school newsletter dedicated to the positive activities and events of NCHS students, staff, and faculty.  The school newsletter is available through the website linked here.  The staff is made up of sponsors Michele Goostree and Sara Kollbaum AND NCHS volunteer students who are interested in writing, taking photographs, and sharing their creativity with NCHS. Current members are listed below.    
   Becca Shopinski  
   Savannah Harrison  
   Emma Grathwohl  
   Bobbie Matlock  
  Madi Farley   
   Addison Stambaugh
   Lainey Fletcher  
   Bryna Jablonski  
            Lucy Walters             
  Hazel Konkel     
  Stephen Wilson     

All students are welcome to join the Blue Banner staff and need only email co-sponsors Mrs. Goostree at [email protected] or Mrs. Kollbaum at [email protected] if they would like to join. Membership is open throughout the school year.