School Board

 NCHS Board Members 
Shawn Cook,  [email protected]
Paul Barczewski, [email protected]
Tom Speedie,  [email protected]
Kevin Rench, [email protected]
Randy Schwartzkopf, [email protected]
 Heather Maschhoff, [email protected]
 Zach Kabat, [email protected]
District Treasurer: Tammy Roskowski

NCHS Board Links:
1. School Board Meeting Information
2. School Report Card 2021-22
3. Policies
4. Financial Information
5. Access to District Public Records
6. NCHS 2022-2023 Parent Handbook
7. School Wellness Policy
8. Completed Wellness Assessment
9. Required Board Training Information
10. NCHS Bullying Policy
11. Title IX Training

 12. Threat Assessment Plan

 13. Attendance and Truancy Policy

  NCHS Contract Information
Association Contract
Contracts Exceeding $25,000 FY22