Rudy Award

Established in 1994 and presented to the player that works the hardest in practice, giving his all for the team but not seeing much playing time or played and didn't get the post season awards that they were deserving of.

Year Recipient
1994 Jason Renth
1995 Dan Paszkewicz
1996 Travis Pruett, Joe Quick
1997 Craig Hoffman, Doug Meyer
1998 David Becker, Chat Kottmeyer
1999 Garrett Maschhoff, Jason Rapp, Jeremy Bochantin
2000 Todd Perry
2001 Jared Wilkey, Aaron Rogers, Chris Markham, Brad Buretz
2002 Chris Heiken, Austin Czerwonka
2003 Austin Schuster
2004 Wesley Dumond, Andrew Chambers

This Award was discontinued in 2004