Carter Schoenherr



Future Plans

Heavy Equipment Operator


Operating Engineers 520


Favorite High School Memories:

Winning state in basketball

Webpage class

Eating food and having parties in Mrs.Heggemeier

Spring Semester Schedule:

 1st Hour Webpage
2nd Hour Psychology 2
3rd Hour Study Hall
4th Hour Workplace Communications
5th Hour Civics
6th Hour Marketing
7th Hour Athletic P.E.


54 Motivational Michael Jordan Quotes for Strength and Determination -  Mindset2Millions


 My Favorites

 Color: Red
 Song Genre:  Country

 Step Brothers 

Step Brothers (2008) - IMDb

TV Show/ Netflix: 

 Duck Dynasty 

The 'Duck Dynasty' Family Plans a Musical in Las Vegas - The New York Times

Place to Shop:  Amazon
 Shoe:  Nikes Swoosh - Wikipedia
Holiday:  Christmas
Place to Eat:  Buffalo Wild Wings
Soda:                            Ski                                 Ski BIB (5 Gallon Cardboard) | Excel Bottling & Brewing Company
Snack:  Rice Krispy